The Hurt that Helps


I must admit I was named amongst those who always thought that “PAIN” was a bad thing. No matter what the hurt be it relationships,  friendships, church, family, physical, financial, circumstantial or even mental…hurt is hurt. It doesn’t matter if it happened in your childhood or your adulthood…hurt is hurt! I will be honest that I have been hurt many times over again. I know that I read somewhere that no one hurts us unless we give them that permission…ah…I agree and disagree. I want to be even more honest…I’ve been the one to hurt some people in my day. I will say this, hurt lasts for some time, but you possess the power to determine how long it will affect you.

As I was thinking today, there are some “good” hurts. Those hurts have brought me into a greater awareness of things and people. Since being “hurt”, I have become a better person. Pain is an indicator that something is wrong or that something is getting better. The intensity of pain sometimes is an indicator of the level of damage, and as things heal that pain becomes and less intense signaling that whatever the site of the injury…IT IS GETTING BETTER! I want to let you know today that some hurt will actually be a help to you. You know that there are some people that hurt you that you didn’t need to be connected to in the first place. You wouldn’t have made the decision to disconnect if they hadn’t hurt you. You wouldn’t have stopped being and abused had they not lied on you or hit you. So, today…if you cry please cry, but after you cry you still have to heal…and you still have to live life. Eventually, time will heal you of the hurt and the effects of the hurt and you will find yourself saying that it was good that you were afflicted because now you are wiser, stronger and better. Who would have thought that some pain would push you into purpose and greatness. Rethink it!!


5 thoughts on “The Hurt that Helps

    • Hey…we have to have a balanced perspective in order to be really empathetic to others. But also, we can take comfort in knowing that hurt doesn’t last forever. After you hurt….you still have to live…and I choose to live MORE ABUNDANTLY! #itcan’tHURTmeanymore

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